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Overcoming Veterinary Student Debt (The Definitive Guide)

By Careers

Whether you are considering vet school as a possibility for the future, beginning your degree now, or already well on your way to becoming a veterinarian; veterinary student debt going to be on your mind. Depending on where you live, the costs to complete veterinary school can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a big, daunting price tag on pursuing one’s dream career, and for many it means the end to that dream. But how much of a barrier does the cost of vet school really present? The Definitive…

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3D Llama Anatomy Study App Launching this Spring

By EasyAnatomy Update

You asked, we’ve answered. New 3D llama anatomy study app now in private beta! EasyAnatomy users have been asking us to add additional species ever since we first introduced our interactive 3D canine. We always replied that “we’ll choose the next species based on demand”, but the problem was that everybody seemed to want something different. Some students said “Do feline next!”, others told us “Give me equine now!”, and there were even a few outliers who requested that we “Build a bovine, please”. We were confused, and felt pretty lost, so…

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What is Addison’s Disease in Dogs?

By Study Tips
What is Addison's Disease? Addison's disease (also referred to as hypoadrenocorticism) is a disease caused by a reduction in corticosteroid secretion from the adrenal gland. What are the Adrenal Glands? The adrenal glands are located in the abdominal cavity medial to the cranial pole of each kidney. Like the kidneys, both adrenal glands are retroperitoreal (situated or occurring behind the peritoneum) in position, lying ventral to the psoas minor muscle. The canine adrenal glands as visible in EasyAnatomy   The hormones produced by the adrenal glands include cortisol, a stress hormone, and aldosterone, a hormone that regulates the...
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10 Viable Alternative Career Options for Veterinary Graduates

By Careers, Fun Facts

Alternative career options for veterinary graduates. It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. Nor is it enough that getting through vet school is probably even harder. Sadly, in our current economic climate, life doesn’t become any easier for veterinarians even after they graduate. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative career options for veterinary graduates. The average student graduates veterinary school with significant debt. Unlike other medical professions, they don’t go on to earn the income necessary to easily overcome that debt. Frighteningly – female veterinarians,…

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10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Veterinary Conference

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Careers

Learning how to get the most out of a veterinary conference can provide tremendous value to a veterinarian’s career. Veterinary conferences offer tremendous opportunities. You can gain CE credits, hear from a specific presenter, provide a presentation yourself, grow your network, learn about the latest innovations in your field, or simply gain an excuse for a trip out of town. Veterinary conferences offer plenty of value, however, without the right approach and preparation, the majority of that value can easily be missed! Based on what we’ve learned ourselves, along with what we’ve heard from…

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PennVet and WCVM Adopt EasyAntatomy for their Veterinary Students and Faculty

By News

Two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, LlamaZOO’s groundbreaking veterinary education software.   LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, the company’s ground-breaking veterinary education software. This announcement comes as LlamaZOO Interactive has been selected by Microsoft as a “first wave” developer for its new Hololens augmented reality platform, and continues to demonstrate how 3D can be used in education. EasyAnatomy borrows strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials, in real time, according to the needs of the learner.  Students’ performance is analyzed to create individualized quizzes, increasing…

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What’s veterinary school like? Our Q&A with a DVM Class Representative

By Careers, Study Tips

Allie Catalino is a 4th year DVM student, an AVC class representative vice-president, and seems to have many of the secrets to vet school success dialed in. Fortunately for us, despite being incredibly busy working on a farm this summer, she took the time to share some of her vet school experiences and insights. Whether you’re about to enter your first year, nearing the end of your degree like Allie, or already graduated, there’s surely something to be learned or related to in this brief Q&A conversation, so read on!  …

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Professor Insights: EasyAnatomy’s Adaptive Quizzing

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Professor Insights

“In educational theory there is the idea that assessment isn’t just for assessment… it should be a learning opportunity too”  For many students, the word “quiz” brings rise to feelings of dread, anxiety and panic. We believe that quizzes can instead be enjoyable, adapt based on an individual’s comfort and confidence, and be a go-to tool for mastering content. This is what we had in mind when we set out to create our gamified adaptive quizzing engine, and it is the vision we share with the anatomists who are meticulously…

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Professor Insights: EasyAnatomy’s Written Content

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Professor Insights

“With each written description we’ve tried to answer the question: why is this structure present?” In education there is a constant struggle between quality and quantity of information. As an educator, you have limited classroom time in which to instruct your students, but a great deal of subject matter to cover. As a student, you try to optimize your study habits to absorb what you need to know for your next exam, without overloading yourself with less-relevant information. This same tenuous balance also exists in the creation of educational resources….

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Professor Insights: Fresh Perspectives provided by seeing canine anatomy in interactive 3D

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Professor Insights, Study Tips

We often speak to the value of incorporating 3D resources and tools into education. Intuitively it makes sense to learn 3D subject matter by studying 3D sources, but for a variety of reasons the tools necessary to enable this type of learning have been slow to grab a foothold in education, and ever slower to enter veterinary medicine. Studies indicate that learning anatomy in 3D makes it easier to grasp complex concepts, increases student engagement and knowledge retention, and improves assessment. While it sounds great to objectively recite the potential…

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