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How To Prepare For Vet School

By Careers, Study Tips
So you want to go to veterinary school? Not sure where to start? Here’s some tips to help you prepare: Make Sure You Have The Prerequisites Check the program details for the schools you are interested in applying to, and make sure to take any pre-vet courses they require. In high school, focus on taking courses in biology, chemistry and physics. After high school, some pre-vet courses may be required such as additional biology, chemistry and physics, as well as mathematics, genetics, and more. Spare yourself the hassle of having to...
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Overcoming Veterinary Student Debt (The Definitive Guide)

By Careers

Whether you are considering vet school as a possibility for the future, beginning your degree now, or already well on your way to becoming a veterinarian; veterinary student debt going to be on your mind. Depending on where you live, the costs to complete veterinary school can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a big, daunting price tag on pursuing one’s dream career, and for many it means the end to that dream. But how much of a barrier does the cost of vet school really present? The Definitive…

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10 Viable Alternative Career Options for Veterinary Graduates

By Careers, Fun Facts

Alternative career options for veterinary graduates. It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. Nor is it enough that getting through vet school is probably even harder. Sadly, in our current economic climate, life doesn’t become any easier for veterinarians even after they graduate. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative career options for veterinary graduates. The average student graduates veterinary school with significant debt. Unlike other medical professions, they don’t go on to earn the income necessary to easily overcome that debt. Frighteningly – female veterinarians,…

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10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Veterinary Conference

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Careers

Learning how to get the most out of a veterinary conference can provide tremendous value to a veterinarian’s career. Veterinary conferences offer tremendous opportunities. You can gain CE credits, hear from a specific presenter, provide a presentation yourself, grow your network, learn about the latest innovations in your field, or simply gain an excuse for a trip out of town. Veterinary conferences offer plenty of value, however, without the right approach and preparation, the majority of that value can easily be missed! Based on what we’ve learned ourselves, along with what we’ve heard from…

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What’s veterinary school like? Our Q&A with a DVM Class Representative

By Careers, Study Tips

Allie Catalino is a 4th year DVM student, an AVC class representative vice-president, and seems to have many of the secrets to vet school success dialed in. Fortunately for us, despite being incredibly busy working on a farm this summer, she took the time to share some of her vet school experiences and insights. Whether you’re about to enter your first year, nearing the end of your degree like Allie, or already graduated, there’s surely something to be learned or related to in this brief Q&A conversation, so read on!  …

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9 Helpful Tips for Soon to be Veterinarians

By Careers, Fun Facts, Study Tips

Sometimes coming out of school and going straight into the field can be a little nerve-racking. You’re likely unsure of what to even expect! To help reduce the anxiety and uncertainty, Dr. Nicole Salloum, MVB, gave us these 9 helpful tips to pass along to you soon to be vets. 1. Its normal to feel overwhelmed. When you leave vet school, you’ll have a whole bunch of knowledge at your fingertips, but during your first week in practice you’ll be faced with real life situations and may feel like you actually know very little about…

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