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3D Llama Anatomy Study App Launching this Spring

You asked, we’ve answered. New 3D llama anatomy study app now in private beta!

EasyAnatomy users have been asking us to add additional species ever since we first introduced our interactive 3D canine. We always replied that “we’ll choose the next species based on demand”, but the problem was that everybody seemed to want something different.

Some students said “Do feline next!”, others told us “Give me equine now!”, and there were even a few outliers who requested that we “Build a bovine, please”.

We were confused, and felt pretty lost, so late last year we decided to do a survey. The results may surprise you, but here they are:

3D Llama Anatomy Student Poll

Needless to say, we were shocked! It sure wasn’t what we expected, but everybody knows that numbers never lie.

We thought it would be a pretty cool idea to keep these results top secret until we had a beta version of the 3D llama gama ready to show off, and at last, we’ve reached that point! We are very excited to finally provide a sneak peak of some of the content and features that will be part of our newest application: LlamAnatomy

Fully Interactive, High Definition, 3D Llama Gama Musculoskeletal System

3D Llama Musculoskeletal System

Enhanced Annotation Creator (featuring new shades of green)

Llama Respiratory System Anatomy

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Llama Anatomy Ever Created!

LlamAnatomy 3D Llama Anatomy Software

The early feedback we’ve received on LlamAnatomy from our friends, grandparents, and pets has been overwhelmingly positive! LlamAnatomy was originally designed to be complimentary to EasyAnatomy Canine – but if the feedback we’ve been receiving continues, we plan to start focusing solely on the llama in the very near future.

Please let us know what YOU think about his big announcement on Facebook, Twitter, or by Email – user feedback is what leads to innovative advancements like LlamAnatomy!

EasyAnatomy is an interactive 3D canine anatomy study guide that combines the best of textbooks, flashcards and dissection. Using EasyAnatomy helps you spend less time studying anatomy, and ace your exams.

Trusted by veterinary students from over 30 countries worldwide, and built in partnership with internationally respected universities and professors, it includes: Complete 3D canine anatomy; Unmatched medical accuracy; Fully interactive navigation; 500+ quiz questions & more.

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