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Veterinary Students

How To Prepare For Vet School

By Careers, Study Tips
So you want to go to veterinary school? Not sure where to start? Here’s some tips to help you prepare: Make Sure You Have The Prerequisites Check the program details for the schools you are interested in applying to, and make sure to take any pre-vet courses they require. In high school, focus on taking courses in biology, chemistry and physics. After high school, some pre-vet courses may be required such as additional biology, chemistry and physics, as well as mathematics, genetics, and more. Spare yourself the hassle of having to...
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How to Reduce Stress as a Veterinary Student: 4 Easy Tips

By Fun Facts, Study Tips

When the stresses of a mounting workload, approaching exams, or overshadowing student loans start to wear you down and hinder your daily performance, try reducing the tension with these 4 simple tips to reduce stress as a veterinary student: Tip 1: Swap that coffee for herbal tea Caffeine induces feelings of stress, nervousness and anxiety. Herbal teas are caffeine free and filled with good vitamins and nutrients and are good for relieving stress or anxiety. Try one (or all) of these stress relieving herbal teas. Tip 2: Turn that Dorsal Dog, into Downward Dog The calm breathing and…

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PennVet and WCVM Adopt EasyAntatomy for their Veterinary Students and Faculty

By News

Two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, LlamaZOO’s groundbreaking veterinary education software.   LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, the company’s ground-breaking veterinary education software. This announcement comes as LlamaZOO Interactive has been selected by Microsoft as a “first wave” developer for its new Hololens augmented reality platform, and continues to demonstrate how 3D can be used in education. EasyAnatomy borrows strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials, in real time, according to the needs of the learner.  Students’ performance is analyzed to create individualized quizzes, increasing…

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