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The Future Is Now!

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As the clocks tick forward to the coming months of fall – there is one thing on everyone’s mind, it is back-to-school season! While in the last year the world grappled with the bellows of the global pandemic, the acceleration of the use of technology in our lives is now seen as inevitable. Even before the pandemic, technology was a relied upon friend for many however, the pandemic showed us that technology is a strong ally. The current material of study – be it 2D formats, physical books are no…

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EasyAnatomy Exam Tips

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Exam time alert - It’s that time of the year again when the coffee machine rhymes and churns out its music exclusively for students! Exam time is stressful, and let’s take a quick check Global Pandemic ✅   Exam Stress and Anxiety ✅   Lack of sleep ✅  More Caffeine ✅   To reduce the checks on the above list, and to help you feel a little more relaxed, here’s some exam tips from us to you.  First off, roll up your socks and stay organized. Yes, there is a lot to get...
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