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Exam time alert – It’s that time of the year again when the coffee machine rhymes and churns out its music exclusively for students! Exam time is stressful, and let’s take a quick check

  • Global Pandemic ✅  
  • Exam Stress and Anxiety ✅  
  • Lack of sleep ✅ 
  • More Caffeine ✅  

To reduce the checks on the above list, and to help you feel a little more relaxed, here’s some exam tips from us to you. 

First off, roll up your socks and stay organized.
Yes, there is a lot to get done and it will help to know what needs to be done first – so plan ahead. Be it stickies on the wall, or a large white sheet of scribbles, whatever helps you organize your schedule, do it. It is important to know what you must get done and this will help you plan around how to get it done. Breath, you got this.  

Second, are you in your plan?
What do we mean by this? Well set aside time for yourself. It is your plan, and your studies so, take that little walk around the study table, or listen to that one song for 5 mins – whatever makes you feel like a true Rockstar🌟, do give yourself that breather. You deserve it, trust us.  

Third, tell yourself you must move!
Physical activity really helps you; it may not feel like you have the time, but even a quick jog, that little hike around the corner, take the stairs. Remember to stand up and stretch every hour or so; stretching is proven to go a long way.

Fourth, sleep is necessary.
It is the first soldier that we always loose in the battle when we study, but maybe this soldier is better kept safe at night to help you face the battle line better during the day.  

Finally, use technology to help you master the art of studying and exam taking.
What to use – well, one source of information that has consistent quality, a great friend to thousands of students around the globe with over 750 quiz questions that uses AI to help you ace YOUR knowledge – EasyAnatomy 

With high quality 3D real image data and an easy-to-use app-based resource, EasyAnatomy creates an efficient personalized learning experience on demand. With over 3,500 detailed anatomic structures and pedagogical terms, combining both medical information and clinical learning, EasyAnatomy is here to help you excel and give you an edge over your studies. 

Remember that using the right technology at the right time, can help you achieve much more in these stressful times. This exam season, equip yourself with EasyAnatomy to help you stand your ground and make the experience of exam taking easy.  

You can try out EasyAnatomy right now for free!

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