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Comparing The Best Veterinary Anatomy Study Tools

By July 15, 2018July 26th, 2018Study Tips
As a veterinary student, time is always limited. That’s why maximizing your efforts by choosing the right study tool can help make all the difference in your level of understanding, and grades. Textbooks, synthetic cadavers, anatomy coloring books, 3D anatomy software… the list of options goes on, and with what little time you have it’s important to compare your options.

Deciding Which Canine Anatomy Study Tool Is Best For You? Here Are 5 Questions To Consider First

Interactive Canine Anatomy Software

Is it interactive?

Interactivity helps boost engagement, and when you’re engaged you retain more information. EasyAnatomy enables you to rotate, manoeuvre, and virtually dissect canine anatomy in any way you’d like. Textbooks don’t.

Real life isn’t 2D, or static – neither should be your studies.

Is it accurate?

EasyAnatomy’s 3D canine anatomy was built using CT and MRI scans as a foundation, and perfected through constant input from partner universities and a dedicated team of anatomists. This commitment to quality has helped EasyAnatomy become the most medically accurate canine anatomy study tool available!

Medically Accurate 3D Canine Anatomy

Do schools and professors trust it?

If anatomy professionals don’t trust or use a product, then something must not be right.

Top veterinary schools around the world, including the University of Pennsylvania, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Adelaide, the University of Oregon, and more, became EasyAnatomy customers because they want their students and faculty to have the highest quality learning resources possible.

Does it have everything you need to succeed?

Not only does EasyAnatomy include complete 3D canine anatomy – it’s also complimented by anatomist-written descriptions for every structure, study tools such as camera bookmarks and custom annotations, 750+ professor-written quiz questions that adapt to your learning needs, and more!

Adaptive Canine Anatomy Quizzes
Convenient Canine Anatomy Study

Does it make your days easier?

You can’t bring a cadaver to a coffee shop.

EasyAnatomy is available anywhere, on any device, meaning you can finally study when it’s convenient for you. Better yet, your personal notes and bookmarks are automatically saved to your account, so you can start studying on one device, and pick up right where you left off on another.

Looking For A Fast And Convenient Way To Make Studying Canine Anatomy EASY?

EasyAnatomy was built in partnership with leading universities and professors to do just that. Thousands of veterinary students around the world use EasyAnatomy for medically accurate 3D canine anatomy, adaptive quizzes, multi-device accessibility, and more. And it’s 100% free to create your account today.