3D Llama Anatomy Study App Launching in Spring 2017

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You asked, we’ve answered. New 3D llama anatomy study app now in private beta! EasyAnatomy users have been asking us to add additional species ever since we first introduced our interactive 3D canine. We always replied that “we’ll choose the next species based on demand”, but the problem was that everybody seemed to want something different. Some students said “Do feline next!”, others told us “Give me equine now!”, and there were even a few outliers who requested that we “Build a bovine, please”. We were confused, and felt pretty lost, so…

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Alpacas vs Llamas

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The Alpaca vs The Llama At first glance, some may confuse these two furry critters and assume they are the same species. They are not the same species but they are, in fact, both camelids in the biological family Camelidae. Some obvious visual differences would be the blunt face of the alpaca versus the long face of the llama, the different sizes in ears, as well as their height and weight (llamas are typically a few inches taller and many pounds heavier). Historically, their breeding purposes differ as well. Alpacas are…

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