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9 of the Most Famous Female Veterinarians of All Time

By Fun Facts

9 of the Most Famous Female Veterinarians of All Time Did you know that in North America, 80% of the veterinary student population is now female?! Here are 9 female veterinarians who have become quite notable – for cool, amazing, and even infamous reasons. 1. Suzanne Morrow (Francis) Suzanne Morrow (nee Francis), was not only a renowned figure skater but also a veterinarian and All-Breed dog show judge. The late vet was part of the first Canadian figure skating pair to win both Olympic and World medals. She was also the first skater…

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7 NAVLE Study Tips to Help Veterinary Students Ace the Exam

By Study Tips

Studying for the NAVLE?  Here’s 7 Exam Tips for Keeping You On Your “A” Game For those of you preparing for the NAVLE, good luck! We know that studying veterinary medicine is challenging, there is so much to learn, so little time and very few resources. We asked veterinary students and practitioners what they did to study for the NAVLE and ace the test, and here’s what they had to say: 1) Keep Your NAVLE Studies Organized Having a plan and understanding what needs to be covered is helpful in making sure you…

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