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Oregon State University

Professor Insights: Fresh Perspectives provided by seeing canine anatomy in interactive 3D

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Professor Insights, Study Tips

We often speak to the value of incorporating 3D resources and tools into education. Intuitively it makes sense to learn 3D subject matter by studying 3D sources, but for a variety of reasons the tools necessary to enable this type of learning have been slow to grab a foothold in education, and ever slower to enter veterinary medicine. Studies indicate that learning anatomy in 3D makes it easier to grasp complex concepts, increases student engagement and knowledge retention, and improves assessment. While it sounds great to objectively recite the potential…

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Professor Insights: EasyAnatomy’s Nomenclature

By Behind the Scenes at LlamaZOO, Professor Insights

It’s not possible to create a successful and valuable veterinary education tool without the support of academia, and likewise it would not be possible for us to produce EasyAnatomy without the involvement of the three anatomy professors we are so fortunate to call part of our LlamaZOO team. Dr. Terri Clark, Dr. Susan Dawson and Dr. Corinna Klupiec have each experienced veterinary and anatomy education as educators, and as students. They have intimate knowledge of the challenges and frustrations associated with the subject matter, but they have also learned strategies…

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