A living, interactive 3D anatomy study guide.

A new frontier for veterinary education

EasyAnatomy is an interactive, 3D canine anatomy study guide. The application harnesses the power of modern 3D technologies to give you a new way of interacting with and learning animal anatomy. Built in partnership with leading international institutions, EasyAnatomy promotes clinical relevance, and is powered by the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and learning theory.

EasyAnatomy is the first fully interactive 3D canine learning resource built for today’s veterinary students, professors, and practitioners.

About LlamaZOO

Individually, we have decades of experience working at some of the world’s largest and most successful digital media and software companies. Collectively, we’re LlamaZOO Interactive, and we’re building EasyAnatomy.

At LlamaZOO we have a passion for educational technology, an obsession with quality, and a determination to solve intricate problems, just like veterinary professors and students.