How To Use EasyAnatomy: “Getting Started” Video Guide For New Veterinary Students

If you’re new to EasyAnatomy, or have been a user for a while but still feel like there are mysterious features and capabilities you have yet to discover, then this “Getting Started” video is for you.

This brief video provides an overview of the controls for using EasyAnatomy, along with they key features that make it the ultimate veterinary anatomy study tool. Give it a watch, and we hope you enjoy!

Covered in the video:

0:08 App Control/Navigation Cheat-Sheet
0:21 Layers Panel
0:56 Rotating the 3D Canine
1:10 Zooming In and Out
1:18 Panning the Camera
1:29 Radial Menu / Virtual Dissection
2:18 Quiz Menu
2:36 Creating Camera Bookmarks
3:03 Annotations
3:12 Bookmarks Menu
3:18 Settings Menu