How Millennials are Beginning to Shape the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Millennials are the future of veterinary medicine, both on the practitioner and client side of the table. Our generation has several distinct, unique and important traits (and associated expectations) that will increasingly begin to shape the evolution of vetmed.


Millennials are shaping the future of veterinary medicine. Image Source:


A recent article in Veterinary Practice News by Dr. Carolyn C. Shadle highlights the most prominent characteristics of millennials, and looks at how these traits will (and already are) affecting veterinary practices. We’ve summarized the key points of the article below in case you’re tight on time!

(As the definition always seems to be different: for the purposes of this article Millennials are considered to be those born between 1982 and 2004)

7 Characteristics of Millennials

  1. Tech Savvy
  2. Tolerant
  3. Globally Aware
  4. Socially Responsible
  5. Broke!
  6. Value Work-Life Balance
  7. Health Conscious

Affect on Veterinary Practices

  1. Increased adoption of technology
  2. Greater diversity (and tolerance) in staff/teams
  3. Enhanced work-life balance

Being a millennial (as you most likely are) it can be quite difficult to notice these traits because they are ingrained into who you are. So one important takeaway to remember is don’t take your knowledge and skills for granted! Just because things like using technology come naturally to you, does not mean that it’s the same for others (peers in veterinary medicine especially included!). So be sure to use this know-how to your advantage when beginning your career!

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