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Devan Chiappetta McCannel

Anatomy of the Canine Knee

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If you’re an aspiring veterinarian, odds are you are going to see more than your fair share of injured knees over the coming years. Luxating patella, cruciate ligament rupture and torn meniscus are things you may see on a daily basis, so it’s critical that you develop a solid understanding of the anatomy of the canine knee from an early stage in your veterinary career. Without fail, anytime we demonstrate EasyAnatomy to a practicing veterinarian one of the first things they ask to see is the knee. Most vets tell us…

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Anatomy of the Canine Digestive System

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It’s no secret that dogs love food. This love of food often leads them to eat pretty well whatever they can get their paws on, meaning stomach problems and swallowed objects are things you will commonly encounter as a veterinarian. To make sure you’re prepared when the inevitable post-snack issues arrive, a solid understanding of the anatomy of the canine digestive system is essential. This post highlights the anatomy of the canine digestive system, and includes information such as why the structures are present, plus their importance. The Anatomy of the Canine…

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Overcoming Veterinary Student Debt (The Definitive Guide)

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Whether you are considering vet school as a possibility for the future, beginning your degree now, or already well on your way to becoming a veterinarian; veterinary student debt going to be on your mind. Depending on where you live, the costs to complete veterinary school can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a big, daunting price tag on pursuing one’s dream career, and for many it means the end to that dream. But how much of a barrier does the cost of vet school really present? The Definitive…

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3D Llama Anatomy Study App Launching this Spring

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You asked, we’ve answered. New 3D llama anatomy study app now in private beta! EasyAnatomy users have been asking us to add additional species ever since we first introduced our interactive 3D canine. We always replied that “we’ll choose the next species based on demand”, but the problem was that everybody seemed to want something different. Some students said “Do feline next!”, others told us “Give me equine now!”, and there were even a few outliers who requested that we “Build a bovine, please”. We were confused, and felt pretty lost, so…

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10 Viable Alternative Career Options for Veterinary Graduates

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Alternative career options for veterinary graduates. It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. Nor is it enough that getting through vet school is probably even harder. Sadly, in our current economic climate, life doesn’t become any easier for veterinarians even after they graduate. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative career options for veterinary graduates. The average student graduates veterinary school with significant debt. Unlike other medical professions, they don’t go on to earn the income necessary to easily overcome that debt. Frighteningly – female veterinarians,…

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10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Veterinary Conference

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Learning how to get the most out of a veterinary conference can provide tremendous value to a veterinarian’s career. Veterinary conferences offer tremendous opportunities. You can gain CE credits, hear from a specific presenter, provide a presentation yourself, grow your network, learn about the latest innovations in your field, or simply gain an excuse for a trip out of town. Veterinary conferences offer plenty of value, however, without the right approach and preparation, the majority of that value can easily be missed! Based on what we’ve learned ourselves, along with what we’ve heard from…

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PennVet and WCVM Adopt EasyAntatomy for their Veterinary Students and Faculty

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Two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, LlamaZOO’s groundbreaking veterinary education software.   LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, the company’s ground-breaking veterinary education software. This announcement comes as LlamaZOO Interactive has been selected by Microsoft as a “first wave” developer for its new Hololens augmented reality platform, and continues to demonstrate how 3D can be used in education. EasyAnatomy borrows strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials, in real time, according to the needs of the learner.  Students’ performance is analyzed to create individualized quizzes, increasing…

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