Goodbye doodles. Hello 3D clarity.

3D Canine Anatomy to Improve Communication and Increase Compliance.

Meet the 21st Century Dog

EasyAnatomy is the only interactive 3D canine anatomy reference and client communication tool available. It makes anatomy easier to understand, for both you as a veterinarian, and your clients.

Increase Compliance

Explaining concepts to clients typically involves doodles, cumbersome models, and insufficient diagrams in textbooks scattered around the office. Breakdown the communication barrier and increase client compliance. EasyAnatomy features the complete canine in 3D, plus animations for common pathologies.

Quick Reference Tool

Between appointments and during surgery prep, EasyAnatomy provides clinically relevant written content and dynamic search that make it easy to find the info you need, right away.

Take Better Case Notes

Mark up and annotate the most detailed 3D canine model available, from any angle. Indicate exactly where areas of pathology lie, and export your screenshots to your practice management software. 

Who is EasyAnatomy Professional For?


EasyAnatomy enhances the client experience, bringing conversations to life and making complex subject matter easy to understand, so clients can feel confident complying with your recommendations.


As an all-in-one solution, EasyAnatomy is a client communication tool, a quick reference guide between appointments, and a resource for effortlessly making incredible case notes (say goodbye to doodles).

Practice Managers

As the most advanced veterinary software available, EasyAnatomy demonstrates your practice’s ability to stay at the forefront of technology –  increasing client LTV, word-of-mouth, and practice footfall.

EasyAnatomy Features

Virtual Dissection

Peel away layers, hide and isolate individual components and regions, and even make them transparent, to better explain diagnoses and recommendations. Also great for surgery planning.

Pathologies Explained

Pathology animations enable you to clearly show clients how their pet’s health will deteriorate over time if left untreated. An easy to use time slider puts you in control of explaining common pet health issues. Increasing client understanding leads to increased compliance.

Make it Yours

Add custom notes, bookmark camera positions, and annotate the model. Create a personalized library of client communication resources that you can pull up in an instant.

True 3D

Access previously difficult or impossible views. See muscle attachments of the thoracic limb from the medial side, and go inside the body cavity while leaving the body wall intact.


The only interactive 3D canine available on mobile devices that meets the demands of practicing veterinarians (see our Design Partners and Education Team below). EasyAnatomy goes wherever you go, on iOS and Android.*

*Android support arriving by Christmas 2016

Always Up-to-date, on All Your Devices

Free updates as long as you have a subscription, and your notes and annotations are saved on the cloud, so you can pick up right where you left off when you switch devices.

Our Design Partners

Our Education Team

EasyAnatomy has been developed in collaboration with our Education Team, who have verified the accuracy of our model and created our explanatory content, with a focus on clinical relevance.

Dr. Terri Clark

Dr. Terri Clark


Formerly Oregon State, AAVA Past-President

Dr. Susan Dawson

Dr. Susan Dawson

BA, MEd, PhD

Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI

Dr. Corinna Klupiec

Dr. Corinna Klupiec

BVSc, PhD, Grad Cert Ed Stud

Seasonal Lecturer, University of Sydney


EasyAnatomy is also an ideal tool for veterinary students at all stages, from pre-vet to clinical rotations.

Preview and review dissection lab material, use it as an in-lab companion tool, and stay efficient during self-study with its intelligent quizzing system and 500+ questions, written by our team of anatomists.

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LlamaZOO Interactive is a proud sponsor of the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA).