New Month, New EasyAnatomy Updates!

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October is here, and so are the latest EasyAnatomy Updates!! Below you will find the notes for this new update. Keep in mind, these updates are available exclusively on our private beta – to which everyone who pre-orders is granted immediate access. Highlights You can now use your arrow keys to control the camera Up arrow: zoom camera in Down arrow: zoom camera out Left arrow: orbit camera left Right arrow: orbit camera right Alt + up arrow: pan camera up Alt + down arrow: pan camera down Alt + left arrow:…

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Vet School Debt: Tips and Resources for Overcoming Your Veterinary Student Loans

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Whether you are considering vet school as a possibility for the future, beginning your degree now, or already well on your way to becoming a veterinarian; vet school debt is going to be on your mind. In the United States, the average cost to complete a veterinary degree is rapidly rising above $200k to attend an in-state school, and $275k for out-of-state. That’s a big, daunting cost to pursue your dream career, and for many it means the end to that dream. But how much of a barrier does the cost…

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7 NAVLE Study Tips to Help Veterinary Students Ace the Exam

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Studying for the NAVLE?  Here’s 7 Exam Tips for Keeping You On Your “A” Game For those of you preparing for the NAVLE, good luck! We know that studying veterinary medicine is challenging, there is so much to learn, so little time and very few resources. We asked veterinary students and practitioners what they did to study for the NAVLE and ace the test, and here’s what they had to say: 1) Keep Your NAVLE Studies Organized Having a plan and understanding what needs to be covered is helpful in making sure you…

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How your veterinary practice can benefit from virtual canine anatomy

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How veterinary practices can benefit from virtual canine anatomy, and EasyAnatomy EasyAnatomy enables veterinarians to virtually and interactively reference and explain canine anatomy in 3D. In this video we take you on a quick tour of the application and virtual canine anatomy, and highlight some of the key features that make it a valuable, time-saving edition for modernizing a veterinary practice. EasyAnatomy was developed in partnership with an international group of veterinary institutions and educators, including Michigan State, and the University of Pennsylvania. The 3D canine anatomy models are based on CT…

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PennVet and WCVM Adopt EasyAntatomy for their Veterinary Students and Faculty

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Two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, LlamaZOO’s groundbreaking veterinary education software.   LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce two major post-secondary institutions have adopted EasyAnatomy, the company’s ground-breaking veterinary education software. This announcement comes as LlamaZOO Interactive has been selected by Microsoft as a “first wave” developer for its new Hololens augmented reality platform, and continues to demonstrate how 3D can be used in education. EasyAnatomy borrows strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials, in real time, according to the needs of the learner.  Students’ performance is analyzed to create individualized quizzes, increasing…

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Supplementing Veterinary Anatomy Lectures with EasyAnatomy

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EasyAnatomy provides a means of engaging veterinary students during lecture, with interactive 3D scenes to supplement standard curriculum material, without increasing course load or contact time. Dr. Corinna Klupiec – veterinary anatomist, seasonal lecturer at the University of Sydney, and key member of our anatomist team – recently utilized EasyAnatomy during a dissection lab at the University of Sydney.   “I used EasyAnatomy to show the location of the stomach under the ribs (ie in the “intrathoracic” portion of the abdomen), to demonstrate the temporomandibular joint, and to assist a number of groups…

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9 Notable Female Veterinarians

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9 Notable Female Veterinarians Did you know that in North America, 80% of the veterinary student population is now female?! Here are 9 female veterinarians who have become quite notable – for cool, amazing, and even infamous reasons. 1. Suzanne Morrow (Francis) Suzanne Morrow (nee Francis), was not only a renowned figure skater but also a veterinarian and All-Breed dog show judge. The late vet was part of the first Canadian figure skating pair to win both Olympic and World medals. She was also the first skater to perform the modern day ‘death spiral’…

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3D Canine Anatomy Notes You Can Access Anytime, Anywhere (Video)

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EasyAnatomy’s annotations feature is kin to a telestrator, and helps veterinary students point out and remember the most important information for ANY part of canine anatomy, all in 3D! As a veterinary student, you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of complex material to learn. Customize your studies to your own schedule and in your own way, with EasyAnatomy’s custom annotations, bookmarks, notes, and more!

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Q&A with a DVM Class Representative

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Allie Catalino is a 4th year DVM student, an AVC class representative vice-president, and seems to have many of the secrets to vet school success dialed in. Fortunately for us, Allie is also one our EasyAnatomy student ambassadors, and despite being incredibly busy working on a farm this summer, she took the time to share some of her vet school experiences and insights. Whether you’re about to enter your first year, nearing the end of your degree like Allie, or already graduated, there’s surely something to be learned or related to…

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The EasyAnatomy Updates Keep Coming!

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Things are really starting to heat up this summer! Both outdoors, and in our office, where student pre-orders continue to accelerate, and where the finishing touches have just been added to the newest EasyAnatomy updates. Below you will find the release notes for this new build. Keep in mind, these updates are available exclusively on our private beta – to which everyone who pre-orders is granted immediate access. Release Notes A message from the chief llama: “The team at LlamaZOO is always working hard to create anatomically correct components of the canine…

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